Niveau 4






* Hit the diff Chaussure 014

Guylaine Bourdages

Hit the dif

Richie Remo

* Cowgirls Chaussure 014

Séverine Fillon

Chrystel Durand

I wanna be a farmer

Sunny Cowgirls

* Clear Isabel Chaussure 014

Flo Morestep

Clear Isabel

Aaron Vaquero

* The banks of the roses

Tina Argyle

The banks of the roses

Nathan Carter

* Ghost town Chaussure 014

Arnaud Marraffa

Gost town

Sam Outlow

* Day of the dead

Dan Albro

Day of the dead

Wade Bowen

* Farmer's wife Chaussure 014

Agnès Gauthier & Séverine Fillion

A farmer' wife

Jayne Denham

* Beeswing Chaussure 014

Tina Argyle


Nathan Carter

* Get it right Chaussure 014

Maddison Glover

Hard not to love it

Steve Moakler

* Bound ta git down

Rob Fowler

Bound ta git down

Shooter Jennings

* Hold the line Chaussure 014


Arnaud Marraffa

Hold the line

Stuart Moyles

* The south Chaussure 014


Marie Claude Gil

The southern side of heave,

BUddy Jewell