Niveau 3



* Tell the World Chaussure 014 



Robbie McGowen Hickie


Tell the world


Eric Hutchinson

(Attention après le coaster step, ce ne sont pas des lock mis des shuffles diagonale)

Corn don't grow Chaussure 014 


Tina Argyle

Where corn don't grow


Travis Tritt

Roots Chaussure 014 


Tina Argyle


Zac Brown Bands

* Drinkin with Dolly Chaussure 014 


Severine Fillon

Drinking with Dolly

Stéphanie Qayle

(Attention : sur les 4 derniers temps faire le full turn step comme indiqué sur la chorée)

* Homegrown Chaussure 014


Rachael McEnaney


Zac Brown Band

* Down on your uppers Chaussure 014


Gary O'Reilly

Down on your uppers

Derek Ryan

* It takes all kind Chaussure 014


Rob Fowler

It takes all kinds

George Strait

* Lonely drum Chaussure 014 


Darren Mitchell

Lonely drum

Aaron Goodvin

* Another country Chaussure 014 


Bruno Morrel

Another country

Rob Stewart

* Lalali Chaussure 014 


Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner

This is not goodbye

Johnny Raid

* Billy's dance Chaussure 014 


Pierre Mercier

San Fransisco

Olsen Brothers

* Bring on the good times Chaussure 014 Chaussure 014  


Garry O Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Bring on the good times

Lisa McHugh

* Closer Chaussure 014   


Mary Kelly


Susan Ashton

* Hooked on country Chaussure 014


Doug Miranda

Hooked on country

Atlanta pops orchestra