Niveau 2






* Lonely drum Chaussure 014

Darren Mithcell

Lonely drum

Aaron Goodvin

* White rose Chaussure 014

Gaye Teather

White rose

Toby Keith

* Ghost town Chaussure 014

Arnaud Marraffa

Ghost town

Sam Outlow

* Clear Isabel Chaussure 014

Flo Morestep

Clear Isabel

Aaron Watson

* American kids Chaussure 014

Randy Pelletier

American kids

Kenny Chesney

* Mountains to the sea Chaussure 014

Maggy Gallagher

Mountains to the sea

Mary Black, Imelda May

* Drinking with Dolly Chaussure 014

Severine Fillon

Drinking with Dolly

Stephanie Quayle

* Hold the line Chaussure 014

Arnaud Marraffa

Hold the line

Stuart Moyles

* Whiskey bridges Chaussure 014

Maddison Glover

Whiskey under the bridge

Brooks and Dunn

* Homegrown honky tonk Chaussure 014

Dan Albro

Wome Amen

* Tell the world Chaussure 014

Dan Albro

Wome Amen

* Don't let her be gone

Marie Claude Gil

Don't let her be gone

Gord Bamford

* Gypsy queen Chaussure 014

Hazel Place

Gypsy queen

Chris Norman

* Keep it simple Chaussure 014

Maggie Gallagher

Keep it simple

James Barker Band